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  • It pays when Major Medical doesn't.

  • Supplemental health insurance makes zero-out-of-pocket healthcare a reality. When we combine supplemental health insurance coverage with our major medical plans, you no longer have to worry about unforeseen expenses.

  • Critical illness and accidents occur every second of every day! With the right supplemental coverage, these situations are paid for when you need it most. Below are some examples of what our supplemental plans may help cover:

    • Insurance deductible

    • Medical bills

    • Rent/Mortgage

    • Car payments

    • Groceries

  • Pay for whatever costs arise amidst an unforeseen accident or illness with supplemental health insurance coverage. Our policies are tailored to fit your needs; don’t wait another day. Request a supplemental health insurance quote now and see how beneficial our supplemental health insurance plans can be.


You can expect same day correspondence and a quote within a day. The seasoned staff at ABC Health Consultants are relationship focused and here to guide you through what can be an overwhelming process without a helping hand. Fill out our simple form and we’ll have you covered in no time. To speak with a Licensed Agent, you can schedule a call by clicking on the link to the right "Speak to an Agent"To see a complete list of all the carriers we work with - click here.

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